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When you combine a passion for baking and a passion to build a successful business, Bruns Bakery as you see it is the end result! Bruns Bakery is co-owned by husband and wife teams Sean & Jane Crilley (Right) alongside Kurt & Melanie Hogan (Left).

The Crilleys have an impressive history of running very successful businesses including the current Suffolk Bakery in Suffolk Park. Here you will find Jane, qualified Pastry Chef baking in the shop experimenting with new flavours. Although Sean has no desire to put on an apron he is affectionately known as the ideas man, who has the big visions and is always ready for the next big adventure moving forward.


The Hogans are local to Brunswick Heads and Kurt brings his passion and experience of Baking to the table. Kurt carried out his Baking Apprenticeship nearly 18 years ago in this exact building. So you could say that the baking tradition runs deep in his veins and the Bruns Bakery holds a special place in his heart. Mel is much like Sean with no desire to bake but she is passionate about running the Bakerys social media channels and is always looking at advancing the customers experience wherever possible.  



At Bruns Bakery we pride ourselves on good morale in the workplace where work mates become mates, share laughs and good vibes throughout the work day. We aim for that infectious culture to spread to our customers where the good vibes flow through and create a jubilant atmosphere in the shop. 

We urge all of our Bakers/Pastry Chefs to explore their creativity throughout their work to keep their fires burning and encourage them to never become complacent in their baking. We enter our crew into multiple baking competitions throughout the year to keep everyone ontop of their trade and step outside the box as well.  



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15 Fingal St, Brunswick Heads NSW 2483
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